They say to understand the present, we need to consider our past. But what about weird historical practices? Every culture throughout history has been filled with differences from every side of life. Some of these might seem bizarre to one culture, where to another they are perfectly normal.

However, history has told us that there are some practices done in ancient times that are so bizarre, they’re absolutely weird to this day.

We aren’t talking about the silly traditions your grandparents might have like putting WD-40 on their aching joints or walking around everywhere with a crow’s foot in their pocket. We’re talking ancient practices that if they were performed today, everyone would be scratching their heads.

Ancient Egyptians Shaved Off Their Eyebrows To Mourn Their Dead Cats

Ancient Egyptians loved their cats. In fact, they worshipped them. The death of one of these creatures resulted in a very bizarre practice of shaving off one’s eyebrows to mourn. The goddess Bastet, who was the goddess of homes, cats, and fertility, was often depicted as a cat.

Cats were considered sacred, and if they came into your home it meant good luck to you. Killing a cat was considered a sacrilege and you would be sentenced to death. Definitely a weird historical practice.

Historical Chest Augmentation

Beauty refinement has been a part of culture since ancient times, however, the first chest augmentation surgery was performed in 1895 by a doctor named Vincenz Czerny. Doctors would use ivory, glass balls, ground rubber and even stones to pack inside the tissue to give the illusion of a fuller, plumper bosom. 

Dying Your Hair In Harmful Chemicals


Many cultures have resorted to dying their hair throughout history. However, ancient Romans and Greeks used to use strong chemicals like sulfur to dye their hair. In the 1700s and the 1800s, European ladies would use chemicals mixed with lead and lye to achieve the right colors. Fortunately, now we don’t have to risk lead poisoning to have a nice hairdo.

Communal Bathrooms

Public lavatories were not only common practice in ancient Rome, they were downright enjoyed. Going to the bathroom was once a highly social experience. Only the wealthiest people could afford a private bathroom in ancient times.

weird historical practices

Drilling Holes Into Your Brain

Many people who suffered from mental disabilities or any disorder pertaining to the brain were often sent to doctors in medieval times to have “bad spirits” extracted from their brain. They would drill a hole into your skull and ‘release’ the spirits. Fortunately today this practice is extinct.

Women Were Not Allowed To Cry At Funerals In Ancient Rome

For a brief time, funerals were somewhat of an elaborate affair in ancient Rome. Women were hired to ‘weep’ and even scratch their faces or rip out hair until blood came out. This practice was deemed too extreme for the citizens, and thus women were no longer allowed to cry at funerals thereafter.

weird historical practices

Roman Fathers Could Kill Their Daughter’s Lovers

They could also kill their daughters if they felt it necessary. Women were not allowed to have relations outside of marriage, and even after they married, Roman women were always still bound to their father’s family.

Any infidelity or acts that may cause a bad name for their house would legally allow the father to kill his daughter’s lover. Talk about a murderous and weird historical practice.
weird historical practices

Animal Poop Was Used In Medicine

It was once common practice to use animal feces in medical treatment, including the use of crocodile dung as a contraceptive in Rome, sheep droppings were used to treat smallpox in Scotland, animal dung for warrior’s wounds in Egypt, as well as pig droppings used to treat nosebleeds. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

weird historical practices

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