On a cross country train trip, a middle aged man decided to sit next to a beautiful young nun.

She sat reading her bible, and as time went by, the man got bored.

He was hoping to start a conversation with the nun, but didn’t know how or where to start.

Then he put his hand on the nun’s lap and she blushed.

With just a little bit of anger she said,

“Dear sir, do you believe in God?”

He said he did.

“Have you read the Bible? You know it is wrong to put your hand on my lap. Perhaps you should go home and read line 23 on page 157.”

So the man sat quietly to himself for the remainder of the trip.

The next day, while in his hotel room, he remembered what the nun said and got out the Bible and he turned to page 157.

Line 23 read: “Heaven is a little bit higher.”