A fellow decided to take a bicycle ride from Phoenix to Flagstaff.

He rode the first hour or so and then got very tired as the ride is mostly uphill.

So he decided to hitchhike.

For about a half an hour no one came then a corvette stopped and offered a ride.

The biker looked at the car and said I can fit in the car but what about my bike?

The driver said,

“No problem, I have a rope in the trunk and I will tie one end on the bumper and the other end on the bike and I will pull you. I will go kind of slow and if I get going too fast just honk your horn and I will slow down.”

So they took off and every thing was fine until another corvette just flew past them.

Not to be out done, the driver stepped on the gas to catch him.

Well, they drove through a speed trap.

The first police officer radioed the second and said,

“You have two corvettes coming at you doing about 120 MPH, and you won’t believe this, but there is a guy on a bicycle behind them honking to pass.”