A forty year old nuclear physicist who was flying to USA was all juiced up about the lecture he had to deliver.

He thought of practicing his lecture on the eight year boy who was sitting across him on the aisle seat.

Man(to boy): “Hey! do you know, the matter is composed of Quarks and Gluons which makes up to the 99% of the mass of the Universe?”

The boy smiled.

Man: “Well, I am researching on how the universe evolved just after the big bang from a super hot plasma of quarks and gluons, I bet I can answer all your questions.”

Boy: “Well do you know the percentage of water in horse’s shit?”

Man: “Whhaat?.. No”

Boy: “The color of horse’s shit?”

Man: “Hmm……Noo!”

Boy: “The average dump a horse takes in a day?”

Man: “….No”

Well, Sir! ..What’s the use of knowing Universe when you don’t know SHIT.