In a dense forest in India, a Tiger was smoking cigarette.

He was enjoying his first smoke of the day.

A Rat was passing by that way. He noticed the Tiger smoking and went straight to him.

He started “My dear Tiger brother, Why do you spoil your own health by smoking? Your life is very precious, please come with me, I will show you how beautiful this forest is”.

Hearing this, the Tiger put his cigarette down and stepped on it to extinguish the flame and started walking with the Rat.

As they walked through some distance, they saw an Elephant was placing HANS (Tobacco) under his lips.

The Rat went to the Elephant and asked, “My dear brother, you are a strong guy, you are very intelligent, why do you destroy your own life by using Tobacco? Come with me, I will show how awesome this forest is”.

The Elephant threw away the HANS and started walking with them.

As the three were walking through the forest, they saw a Lion having alcohol.

Rat went slowly to the Lion and said “My Highness, you are the king of this forest. No one can match your strength. Why do you destroy yourself ? Please come with me my Majesty, I will show the beauty of our forest.”

Hearing this, the Lion gave one loud big slap on Rat’s cheeks.

Both the Tiger and Elephant were scared to their nerves.

They asked the Lion “Your Highness, why did you slap this messenger of peace?”.

Lion angrily replied, “This idiot is high on weeds, He said the same thing and made me wander through out this forest, yesterday. He is doing this daily.”