Block any number sending you this kind of message.

Hacking WhatsApp is not a easy deal.

Keep calm and use your own Internet/wifi

Don’t use public WiFi, that’s the only way someone can break into your system.

Keep your phone nearby, so that people can’t access OTP sent to you for verification.

Momo challenge is a hoax created by some criminals,

Don’t follow what they says, maximum things they can do to you is they will send a violent image to your number.

Nothing else, so don’t worry. Repot to police and cyber crime board.

They (Momo) can’t do anything with your information.

Don’t fall in the trap.

Comment below if you have faced something, I can help as much as possible.

Share this post with your WhatsApp friends to aware them.

Prevention: if you don’t install the game, they cannot hack your phone, install apps only from Google PlayStore

Cure: if your phone is hacked, format it fully, and you will be safe. Try to contact any expert to format the phone properly.