Long time ago there was man named Rody.

He had a donkey.

The donkey used to work and at the end of the day Rody would earn $3 enough to buy his two meals.

One day a holy man reached his gates when Rody reached home with three dollars of earning.

The holy man asked him for donations.

Rody replied “I just have $3 for my food and if I give you, what will I and my donkey eat? You are a spiritual man, give me an equation to become a millionaire then I may donate you something.”

The holy man said “ok, then give me the three dollars you have earned.”

Rody: “Why should I give you my entire days earning?”

Holy Man: “You want me to give you an equation to become a millionaire and you cannot pay even $3 for that?”

Shocked and surprised Rody gave him three dollars, his entire days earning.

Holy Man: “You asked me and paid me to tell you the equation to become a millionaire . Now I am bound to answer your request. But it will be your choice to follow it or not.”

Holy Man: “Sell your donkey and whatever you get buy food and offer it to travelers passing your village for free, yes for free.”

And the holy man left and almost vanished.

Next day Rody sold his loving donkey the only working fellow, his only earning member of the family for just 30 dollars and offered food to the travelers passing their village for free.

News spread like wild fire in the entire village and  Rody has gone MAD.

Almost at the end of the day with the last meal was left Rody decides to eat possibly the last he could have without his donkey.

Then, enters the last traveler praising Rody having heard of him from other travelers who passed by him that day.

Praising Rody and enjoying food, he asked since how long he is offering free food to travelers.?

Rody narrates him the entire story as its the first day and possibly the last day.

Pleased by the story, the traveler gave him 100 dollars with a commitment to continue this service for few more days .

Rody rushes to his village buys back his donkey and continued his service.

When ever he was penniless he sold his donkey and as someone donated, the first thing he did was buy back his donkey and somehow this continued for some year and Rody’s praises spread to many other villages.

Then there was a millionaire businessman with his only daughter looking for an ideal husband.

Praises of Rody reaches this businessmen and finally Rody gets married to his daughter continuing his services with travelers and business with his father in law.

Rody now a millionaire with his wife and father in law and his DONKEY.