Having a straight hair is almost everyone’s dream. If the hair is beautifully straight, it reflects more character and personality. It is also stylish in a simpler way. A lot of people invest much in salons, buying straightening irons and other chemical related products just to achieve the dream hair.

Due to this much heating and chemicals, the hair dries out easily with split ends all over. It may look straight but not pretty anymore.

To avoid these misfortunes, it is recommended to straighten your hair naturally. This is an old, traditional yet effective way of flawlessly straightening your hair from being wavy and curly.

Take down these 5 easy steps to achieve your dream hair.

Step 1:
Combine 1 cup of coconut oil with the lemon juice. Mix well to make a homogeneous mixture.

Step 2:
Apply the mixture from root to tip. Squeeze the hair softly so the mixture would get individually in the strands.

Step 3:
Wrap the hair with a warm towel or cellophane to prevent the mixture for spilling out. Leave it for 15 minutes or more for best results.

Step 4:
Rinse your hair with water and shampoo. Put also a conditioner and massage the scalp. Wash again with water.

Step 5:
Blow dry your hair. You’ll notice improvement on your hair as it become straighter than it used to be.

Repeat all the methods regularly and see a big difference. Your hair will not only straighten but will also appear silkier, softer and shinier.

Coconut milk is well- known for its permanently hair straightening properties but adding lemon juice with it will give you the best outcome.