Rolando dela Cruz came up with DeBCC that combats skin cancer by reformulating his amazing cream that gets rid of warts and moles without surgery.

Doctors from Philippine General Hospital (PGH) have already certified the DeBCC cream as a viable treatment for basal cell carcinoma (BCC), the most common type of skin cancer. On Friday, Dela Cruz received the World Intellectual Property Office gold medal for DeBCC as an outstanding invention during the closing ceremonies of the National Inventors Week.

When he was a child, Dela Cruz asked his mother why his hands got burnt when he cut a raw cashew nut he found in their backyard.

He was able to formulate a cream to remove warts and moles on the skin and later, a painless treatment for the most common type of skin cancer, which the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) recently hailed as the outstanding invention of the year.

A former barber in Caloocan City, Dela Cruz recalled seeing scars on the faces and necks of his clients, and would ask them about the scars.

Multi-awarded Filipino inventor Rolando dela Cruz snapped up the top prize in the International Inventor’s Forum (IENA) in Germany last November for his latest product called DeBCC, purportedly an effective cure for skin cancer. Dela Cruz bested 54 other inventors and 1,500 other entries. He is locally famous for his widely celebrated cashew-based formula for treating warts and moles.

His latest hit is a cream that treats basal cell carcinoma, a common type of skin cancer generally caused by frequent exposure to sunlight and usually affects the face, ears, scalp, neck, shoulders, and back. DeBCC was developed from cashew nut extracts mixed with other common Philippine herbs.

In collaboration with UP-PGH surgeons led by Dr. Eric Talens, DeBCC was tested on 14 patients initially considered as hopeless cases by doctors. After 16 weeks of application, the patients were cured without any radical procedures involved. Moreover, they did not experience recurrences two years following treatment.

“I feel humbled in this recognition given to me because the IENA award is the most prestigious international recognition for inventors,” dela Cruz said in a press conference. “I am sharing this award to all Filipinos para ipakita ang galing ng Pilipino (to show the capability of Filipinos).” DeBCC previously earned a gold medal in the 2004 Archimedes Award in Russia .

Dela Cruz is also recipient of the Department of Science and Technology’s Tuklas Award for Most Outstanding Invention in 1998 for his DeMole and DeWart products that are now available in malls.