Once a time a girl named April was sitting in a class. Behind her was little Johny. April was bored so she fell asleep. Luckily the teacher didn’t notice and went on teaching. In the last 15 minutes of the class, she asks a question.

“Tell me, who made this universe class?”, She asked. Little Johny poked with a pin on April’s back.

She suddenly woke up and said, “God Almighty!!”.

Teacher was impressed and praised her. April went back to sleep.

After 5 more minutes teacher asks the class “who came to the rescue of humans in the era of darkness?”.

Johny again poked April’s back with a pin. She again stood up suddenly and said “Jesus Christ!!”.

The teacher again praised her. April went back to sleep again after giving Johny a deathly glare.

The teacher just before going asked the class “what did Eve said to Adam after giving birth to their 15th child?”

Johny again poked hard April’s back.

This time April stood up and angrily shouted

“I swear to God that if you insert that thing into me once again, then I will take it from you and shove it in your a*s”!!”