Two brothers were incredibly mean—they lied, cheated, stole, blackmailed, you name it, they did it.

Well, anyway, they managed to acquire a lot of money.

Then, one of the brothers died.

The other brother came to the local priest and said,

“You know how much you’ve been wanting to get a new bell tower on the church? Well, if, during my brother’s funeral, you call him a saint, I’ll write you a check for the tower right here and now.” Well, the priest thought about it and agreed.

However, during the eulogy, the priest was completely honest about the deceased brother, highlighting each of his faults.

(It was a very long speech) Of course, the decease’s brother was very angry, as the priest was not following through on their deal.

The priest had to fulfill his promise, and the eulogy ended with “but, compared to his brother, he was a saint.”