One day a woman went to a pet’s store to buy a parrot. There were many beautiful and intelligent birds there but all were very costly.

Suddenly she noticed a parrot caged and put in a corner of the room. To her utter surprise that parrot cost just Rs. 100.

She went to the shopkeeper and inquired, “Why is that parrot so cheap. Can’t it speak or something.”

“No madam, in fact it speaks more than it should. Actually that parrot was in a brothel before I got it, so it wasn’t bred too well. As a result its speech is vulgar and therefore I just want to get rid of it.”

The woman after deliberating for some time thought it might actually be amusing to have a pet like that so she bought the parrot brought it to her house.

As soon as the parrot saw its new dwelling it said, “Wow! New house, new madam.”

The lady smiled as she heard this reaction.

After some time her daughter returned from college. The parrot again spoke up, “Wow! New house, new madam and a beautiful new young girl!”

The lady told her daughter about that parrot and then they shared a hearty laugh.

In the evening, the lady’s husband returned from work. On seeing him, the parrot instantaneously spoke up,
“Hey Romy! You’ve come again.”

And to remove any ambiguity, yes, the husband’s name was Romy.